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CN World offers free LMS and free ePortfolio software services to both individual users and qualified educational institutions.


Individual users, teachers from anywhere in the world, can create free LMS courses on CN to deliver their courses online, or to complement a face-to-face course.


Educational institutions, initially those located in developing countries, may request a free institutional LMS license from CN World.  With a CN institutional license, the CN LMS can be integrated with schools’ registration databases to automatically create LMS courses and dynamically populate LMS courses with registered students.

CN ePortfolio

Any student from any nation can create a free personal lifelong Portfolio site, called CN ePortfolio, to showcase their learning experiences and academic credentials, and can use their ePortfolio site for personal branding, applying to graduate schools, or for employment.


Educational institutions from developing nations may request a free institutional ePortfolio license for their student population. The CN ePortfolio license can be linked with the school's registration database to automatically create an ePortfolio for every student, and to dynamically verify student learning evidence and digital badges.

Those institutions not qualified to receive free CN LMS and free CN ePortfolio institutional licenses may obtain paid commercial licenses through the CourseNetworking LLC.

CN World has received a perpetual license from CourseNetworking LLC, its parent company, to disseminate free CN LMS and CN ePortfolio institutional licenses to its qualified institutional members.

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