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Bridging the digital divide by providing high-quality educational technology tools for learners all over the world

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CN World is a new nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization, founded in 2022 to offer free and open CN software tools and services to teachers and students worldwide.
•    CN World’s initial free offering is focused on schools and universities in developing nations. 
•    CN World is committed to bridging the digital divide and ensuring equal access to high-quality educational technology tools for students and teachers worldwide. 
•    CN World is leveraging the success of CourseNetworking LLC (CN) which was co-founded by Indiana University and Dr. Ali Jafari in 2011, to develop and commercialize a next generation learning platform (CN LMS, ePortfolio, and Social Networking).

CN World offers free LMS and ePortfolio

CN World’s free educational software offerings are developed by CourseNetworking which provides learning management (LMS) and ePortfolio services.  All the services and tools are cloud-hosted with CN LMS providing a venue for teachers to teach and facilitate their courses online, and for students to use CN ePortfolio to highlight their accomplishments and showcase their learning.


CN LMS’s competitive advantage

Its built-in features promote social learning and incentivize learners to participate in learning activities with peers inside and outside of their classroom. All students, in any course and in any country, may participate in collaborative learning activities using the unique CN Post tools.


CN World’s revenue model

You won’t see advertisements on CN World.   Your data won’t be sold.  For its long-term revenue model, CN World will rely on individual CN user donations, modeled after the successful business model of Wikipedia. For its initial launch, CN World is seed-funded by some of the founders of CourseNetworking LLC, as well as individual donors, philanthropic fund corporations, and corporate sponsorships.


Who will qualify to become CN World member?

CN World will be opened to all public universities in the least developed countries. If you think you may qualify, please submit the application and our committee will review it to finalize our decision.

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