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Providing free and high-quality educational technology software and services in developing countries

CN World is a new nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization, founded in 2022 in Indiana USA, to offer free educational technology software tools and services to teachers and students worldwide. The CN World’s initial free offerings are given to public universities in developing nations.


CN World's current free software offerings are Learning Management System (LMS) and ePortfolio system, the most fundamental software systems needed in schools and universities.


CN World’s free services are offered by a consortium of educational technology experts (called CN Wolrd Ambassadors) traveling to preselected institutions in a developing country and offering workshops on the use of advanced learning technologies and pedagogy.  


CN World’s free perpetual software licenses are donated by CourseNetworking LLC


CN World's competitive advantage, compared to other free and open software systems, such as Moodle, is its complete solution. In addition to the free perpetual software licenses, CN World provides free hosting, tech support, onsite and virtual faculty development training, and workshops.

CN World's budget and revenue come through donations from funding agencies, corporate sponsors, and individual donors.  

CN World is inviting all educational technology experts to join the CN World Consortium and become ambassadors. 

For more information please contact one of the CN World Board Members or send your inquiries to

Who will qualify to become CN World member institutions?

CN World is only available to public universities in pre-selected developing countries. If your organization is interested in participating, please submit the application and our committee will review it to finalize our decision.

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