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Individual learners and teachers from anywhere in the world can create free LMS courses on CN World to deliver their courses online, or to complement a face-to-face course.

Educational institutions in developing countries may request a free institutional LMS license from CN World. With a CN institutional license, the CN LMS can be integrated with schools’ registration databases to automatically create LMS courses and dynamically populate LMS courses with registered students.

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CN ePortfolio

Any student from any nation can create a free personal lifelong Portfolio site, called CN ePortfolio,  The CN ePortfolio can be used to showcase the person’s learning experiences and academic credentials that can be personally branded and used for, applying to graduate schools or for employment.

Educational institutions from developing nations may request a free institutional ePortfolio license for their student population. The CN ePortfolio license can be linked with the school's registration database to automatically create an ePortfolio for every student and to dynamically verify student learning evidence and digital badges.

Global Classroom

CN Global Classroom is a concept and technological innovation invented by CourseNetworking (CN) to virtually connect students with their peers in similar classes within other universities and nations.  

  • Any instructor can either participate as the lead or a member of a Global Classroom. As the lead, the course instructor creates a free CN LMS course and shares the course link with his peers.

  • Any instructors may continue using any LMS they use for their courses. All they have to do is add the CN Global Classroom link to their courses and encourage their students to follow the link to meet their virtual classmates and engage in learning activities.

The CN Global Classroom breaks down the walls of every classroom by virtually connecting students to their peers, globally. 

The CN Global Classroom adds gamification and social learning into any LMS course to produce better learning outcomes. The CN Global Classroom can further assist students with a better understanding of cultures and nations.

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global classroom features on CN platform

Pedagogical Support and Services

We support your institutions through the entire implementation process with professional development and training services. Training would be aligned and delivered for administrators, academic technology staff, faculty, and others providing support services within the campus partner.

Software update & Maintenance

SaaS hosting through AWS(99.99% uptime)

Custom Integration & Development

LTI and API supported 

Implementation Consultation

Tailored implementation plan based on your goals and objectives

24/7 Help Desk

Help desk support email at

On-boarding training

Both admin and pedagogical training included

Ready to become a CN World member? 

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