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CN World Offerings

We take pride in offering free perpetual software licenses and top-notch educational technology services to qualified preselected educational institutions worldwide. All software licenses come bundled with comprehensive hosting services and dedicated tech support to ensure that you receive unparalleled assistance whenever and wherever need it.

Free and Open Software

Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS is the most fundamental software tool being used in today’s educational institutions to support classroom instruction and to put courses online. 

CN World provides two free LMS software systems developed by its parent company, CourseNetworking LLC. Both the CN LMS Classic and CN LMS Pathway are fully hosted on the reliable and secure Amazon AWS platform. You can trust that your data will be safeguarded and your LMS will operate at peak performance, all thanks to our robust hosting infrastructure. The hosting cost and technical support are included in the free software offering. 

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Discover the transformative world of Electronic Portfolio, also known as ePortfolio, exclusively designed to empower students in personal branding, job applications, academic networking, and institutional learning outcome assessment.

CN World provides free licenses and hosting of its CN ePortfolio software to its member institutions. All institutional members can access this lifelong ePortoflio as a digital canvas where they can curate a captivating collection of their achievements, skills, and experiences. Personal branding becomes effortless as students utilize their ePortfolio to present a comprehensive snapshot of their capabilities, allowing them to stand out in the competitive job market. Educators can effortlessly assess and evaluate students' progress, achievements, and competencies using this robust tool, facilitating data-driven decision-making and fostering continuous improvement.

Free Services

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Onsite Training and Workshops 

Ensuring the successful implementation of new software requires more than just providing it without proper training and understanding of its benefits. Recognizing this, CN World offers comprehensive workshops and seminars, available both on-site and virtually, to educate and empower educators on the effective use of advanced learning technologies and their applications in the classroom.  CN World will facilitate and fund the travel of subject matter experts, called CN World Ambassadors, to the selected institutions. 

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Consortium and Networking 

CN World facilitates and manages the development of a global network of educators and pedagogical experts to collaborate and offer pro bono services to CN World member institutions.  

Become a CN World Member Institution

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